How To Teach Your Dog Not To Jump

How will I teach my dog not to jump? This is a question that most dog owners ask. We may not mind the dog jumping on us, and in fact many people like it if their dog makes a big fuss of them when they come home from work. But we probably do not want him jumping on certain pieces of furniture or on strangers or visitors to the house, especially kids.

Dogs usually have two reasons to jump. The first reason is a welcome. Sure, you love this about your dog, but you’ll have to come up with a new greeting to teach your dog unless you want him to jump on everybody. You could stoop so he can reach your face and lick it. That will stop him needing to jump on you.

The second reason for jumping is to be more in control. This is the behaviour that most people want to stop when we are asking how to train my dog not to jump.

First, have him get used to your command Off or Down. Be firm when you give the command and be sure not to have playful demeanour.

You can also try giving a response that is totally opposite from the one your pet will be expecting. You could catch his legs and put him back down on the floor while firmly saying the Down or Off command. You can do the same when he jumps on furniture. The rest of the family should also do this so your dog will know you really mean it.

There is another way to deal with his jumping, and that is by not touching him and only show your dog your teeth in a snarl. Puppies will be especially responsive to this because this is what mother dogs will do. You won’t scare the puppy if you do a snarl without the sounds, but it will let him know you are serious about it.

It’s really difficult about training your dog is that other people don’t mind if a dog greets them by jumping on them. This is so true for puppies and small dogs. Most people would like it and will play with the dog or lavish him with attention. They don’t like to say ‘Down!’ because they don’t want people thinking they are scared of the dog!

For this reason you may want to explain to friends and frequent visitors what you are doing. You should inform them that in time, your dog will get bigger, and you don’t want him to be used to jumping on other people by then. Kids might get scared of even small dogs, and people could get annoyed if the dog is dirty. So you should really train your dog not to jump on anyone.

If you let your friends know beforehand, they will be willing to help you with the training. I found this worked well if I explained to my friends that I needed to train my dog not to jump so that he does not frighten strangers and children.

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